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Suggested text: Our website address is: https://taxiswaltononthames.com.

Since 2009 Capital Cars is providing premium taxi service in Walton on Thames. With the largest taxi fleet and highest-rated taxi service in town, Capital Cars is proud to be the No.1 taxi service in Walton on Thames. Call Anytime, Book via Whats App or Online. We are always here to help you. Book you next taxi ride in Walton on Thames now!!!

Licensed with Elmbridge Borough Council
Registered company number: 13845774

1: Online bookings are subject to final confirmation by text or E-mail. Not just via automated system confirmation.

2: If pick up is from outside our areas and for any other reason we may ask to pay in advance before we confirm any booking.
3: The fares provided on our websites are subject to change. But we will give you prior notice and inform the customer before the start of your journey.
4: We may refuse or cancel any booking for due to some reasons specified by our licensing authority.
5: You have the right to cancel the booking. Bookings cancelled 24 hours prior to booking time are subject to 20% cancellation charges and booking cancelled less than 24 hours before journey start time are subject to 80% cancellation charges as we have to hold the car for you and not book any other jobs for the driver. Also there is minimum £5 or 50% of the booking price is cancellation charge for any booking for which driver is on the way.
6: We may be unable to meet any booking for any unforeseen reasons without any prior notice and we will refund you full amount only if you have paid in advance also we will not be liable for any losses or damages you face in those circumstances.
7: We will not tolerate any anti social behaviour towards our staff and drivers and will report such incidents to police without any hesitation.
8: We will ask you to provide your ID if you ask us to deliver any product with age restrictions. We do not deliver any tobacco or Alcohol products.
9: It is your responsibility to set the fare for the proposed journey at the time you make the booking or you automatically agree to comply with the asking fares.
10: Any dispute regarding the booking will only be dealt if something goes against the booking confirmation we send to customers,  any issues if it’s not in booking confirmation will not be entertained. It is your responsibility to read the booking confirmation carefully.
11: We might not be able to provide any particular vehicle if you have asked for and we can change the vehicle for the unforeseen circumstances.
12: we will charge you for any additional waiting time for £7 every 15 minutes.
On airports additional waiting charges will start after 1 hour of flight landing or 10 Minutes after if pick up time is decided earlier.
13: It is your responsibility to pay for the parking (Pick up / Drop off) at airports and any congestion or toll charges , these are not included into the fares.
14: our drivers may refuse any journeys those are not disclosed at the time of booking.
15: We charge £100 for the deep cleansing / Valet of the vehicle if any of the passengers gets sick in our vehicle.
16: Our drivers may refuse any fare if any of the passenger is too drunk to travel, under the influence of any drugs or not if the driver not feel safe.
17: We will not refund any fare if the passengers do not show up for any reason.
18: Driver may refuse to drop you in the areas where He does not feel safe.
19: In case during the journey a car is punctured or broken down and we are unable to provide any exchange than we will refund you the full amount of your fare if paid in advance, But we will not         be liable for any other loss and issues caused by any reason.
20: All our drivers are responsible for the license, insurance and taking care of their cars and we have no responsibility for any accidents or property loss.
20: By booking your Taxi/Cab with us you are agreed with all these terms and conditions automatically.